HORT-EYE | Services
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Water Stress Mapping

We are offering a remote alternative to mapping water stress to help with tree-by-tree or unit-by-unit irrigation allocation and stress detection. This aerial mapping is to improve overall crop water use efficiency and enables precise control of water stress for crafting quality, assisting in regulated deficit irrigation.


Crop Vigour and Nutrient Variability

We offer in-field remote sensing information that can assist with nutrient and vigour variability to fine-tune fertiliser application, crop management, and harvest activities.


Farm Asset Inspection

The remote inspection of assets is a fast and immediate way of checking operations and if they are functioning as expected. This could include precise locating of irrigation pipe breakages and leakages, this will speed up maintenance and highlight areas that need special attention. Remote netting inspection is also offered which is a quick way to locate significant wholes that need immediate repair.


Yield and Quality Prediction

With long term monitoring of crops using a combination of our specific services, we provide a variable yield and produce quality prediction. This can help with selective harvesting of areas with specific or ‘top shelf’ market products.


Tailored Services

We also provide services that are tailored to your unique needs.