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Sigfredo Fuentes
Senior Lecturer in Digital Agriculture, Food and Wine
Dr Sigfredo Fuentes is a Senior Researcher / Lecturer in Digital Agriculture, Food and Wine Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Dr Fuentes received his Doctorate degree from The Western Sydney University, Australia. Previously he worked at the Universities of Adelaide, Technology, Sydney; Western Sydney and Talca in Chile. His scientific interests ranges from climate change impacts on agriculture, development of new computational tools for plant physiology, food and wine science; new and emerging sensor technology; proximal, short and long range remote sensing using robots and UAVs and machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in Agriculture. Dr Fuentes has published more than 100 scientific peer-reviewed and conference papers in these areas and he is the leader of the Viticulture and Oenology group from the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences from The University of Melbourne. For more information visit: www.vineyardofthefuture.wordpress.com
Haoji Sima
Management Consultant
Haoji Sima has an entrepreneurial background with skills in both management and engineering fields. He is involved in the general management of the company and particularly in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Legal and Insurance aspects.
Dr Hoam Chung
Technology Co-Manager
Hoam is a Mechatronics Engineer and has led many research projects involving mechatronics design and system integration. He also has more than 17 years experience in autonomous drones and payload integration.
Antonin Demazy
Chief Information Officer
Antonin is an Electrical Engineer and PhD candidate (Melbourne School of Engineering) with a strong business background and 17 years of Technology and Management Consulting experience. He is involved in the general management of the company and responsible for the IT capabilities development
Dr. Lola Suarez
Sensing Tech Leader and Strategy Officer
Lola is Agronomy Engineer and Remote Sensing specialist. She has over 10 years of experience working on mapping vegetation stress in crops and forested areas.
Steve Taitoko
Strategy Officer
Steve has extensive experience in technology startups having been a founder, CEO and CFO of public and private companies in Australia and New Zealand. He has an MBA from RMIT University and is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. He is currently CEO of XM2 Industrial.
Chenxi Zang
Chief Strategy Officer and Company Secretary
Chenxi is the director of Legion Australia, an angel investment startup. The Mission Statement of Legion Australia is to make “Made in Australia” technologies a significant concept in the global market.
Stephen Oh
General Director
Managing Director, XM2. Specialised in sensor-plaJorm integration and operation
Dr. Ranjith Unnithan
General Director
Senior Lecturer, Melbourne School of Engineering. Specialised in sensor development.
A/Prof. Dongryeol Ryu
Executive Director
Assistant Professor, Melbourne School of Engineering. Remote Sensing scientist.
Kate Park
Technical Consultant
Kate is specialised in Remote Sensing and Algorithm development of water stress and evapotranspiration estimation for precision agriculture.
Anne Wang
Remote Sensing Specialist
Anne is a GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist. She works on multi-sensor based UAV imagery mapping, processing and analysis